Breakthrough technology

Repels Viruses Bacteria Germs

When was the last time that door handle was cleaned? Or handrail sanitized? Pathogens can linger on surfaces for hours, even days...

Everything You touch May infect you...

Viruses and bacteria cling to everyday surfaces and can remain active for hours, even days…

Current disinfecting practices are not enough to keep those who touch high-touch surfaces free of pathogens.  This gives rise to illness and disease to those that touch infected surfaces.

The world needs a solution that repels pathogens at the sourcepreventing them from sticking to a surface… so they can’t be passed on.

FendX's Powerful Repel Technology Protects Surfaces From Pathogens

Patent-Pending Repel Breakthrough

Our patent-pending technology is the ONLY protective surface coating to physically repel viruses and bacteria from touch, significantly reducing transmission of harmful pathogens.

24/7 Protection

Our products are self-cleaning and provide 24-hour protection, 7 days a week.

WOrks instantly

Our technology repels harmful pathogens at the source, preventing them from attaching to a surface and dramatically reducing their transmission by touch.

The Applications for FendX's Technology are Endless

Protecting high touch surfaces against bacterial and viral contamination
Coating medical devices (i.e., catheters) to prevent bacterial infections
Integrating into personal protective equipment, textiles, etc.
Combining with food and beverage plastic wrappings to keep free of contamination and moisture