Making Lives Safer Through nanotechnology

FendX is a nanotechnology company focused on
developing products to reduce the spread of pathogens

FendX Technologies Inc., (FendX) is listed on the CSE under the symbol “FNDX”, on the OTCQB under “FDXTF”, and on the FSE under “E8D”.
We are developing products for commercialization using our award-winning nanotechnology, licensed from McMaster University, that we believe will reduce the spread of pathogens.

Our nanotechnology has unique repelling properties that prevents adhesion of bacteria, viruses and liquids. 

FendX is building a robust patent portfolio based on the repelling properties of its nanotechnology.

Our lead product under development, REPELWRAP™ film, is a protective surface coating film with unique repelling properties that prevents adhesion of pathogens and reduces their transmission on surfaces prone to contamination.

We are also actively exploring additional applications using our nanotechnology, including development of:

  • Enhancements to the current REPELWRAP™ film prototype to create follow-on films including films with both repelling and killing properties.
  • Coating of catheters to prevent catheter-related bacterial biofilm formation and occlusion.