a better solution to protect surfaces:

REPELWRAP Advantages


Powerful Protective Plastic Film Technology that REPELS Life-Threatening Pathogens

REPELWRAP is a unique technology that can repel whatever touches its surface.  Instead, illness-causing microbes slide off like water on a non-stick pan, preventing them from sticking to any REPELWRAP coated surface.


Highly Effective Repel Rates Against Potentially Deadly Pathogens like Viruses and Bacteria

REPELWRAP prevents the adhesion of potentially deadly bacteria like MRSA and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa by 85%, a 20-fold decrease in the transfer of E-Coli, and demonstrated over a 99.99% reduction of adhesion of a coronavirus.


Works Instantly

Competitor products require pathogens to stick to their surface to be inactivated.  This can take hours to days – creating a potential window of time where the pathogens can still be transmitted by touching the surface.

REPELWRAP instantly repels whatever touches it so the surface remains contaminant-free.


Provides 24/7 Protection and is self-Cleaning

REPELWRAP provides 24/7 protection and remains functionally stable for months. Because it physically repels pathogens from sticking to the surface, it has self-cleaning properties that will greatly enhance current disinfecting practices.


Flexible & Adaptable

REPELWRAP is a flexible plastic film that can be wrapped and shrunk around a variety of surfaces and objects from door handles to counter tops to handrails.