FendX’s technology has been featured in scientific journals and major media outlets like CNN Health, Materials Today, and 

Media & News Coverage:

Scientists develop superbug-resistant, self-cleaning plastic wrap

“Researchers have developed a self-cleaning plastic wrap that repels bacteria and could be used to prevent the transfer of antibiotic resistant superbugs, and other forms of dangerous bacteria.”

New Plastic Wrap Repels Bacteria

“The innovative barrier has also proven to be durable and cost-effective to produce.”

New surface wraps up antibiotic-resistant superbugs

“The treated material also ideal for food packaging, where it could stop the accidental transfer of bacteria, such as E. coli, Salmonella and listeria from raw chicken, meat and other foods.”

New self-cleaning wrap repels bacteria

“Inspired by the water-repellent lotus leaf, the new surface works through a combination of nano-scale surface engineering and chemistry.”

Scientific Journals:

Flexible Hierarchical Wraps Repel Drug Resistant Gram-Negative and Positive Bacteria

“We created a flexible plastic wrap that combines a hierarchical wrinkled structure with chemical functionalization to reduce bacterial adhesion, biofilm formation, and the transfer of bacteria through an intermediate surface.”

Producing Fluorine- and Lubricant-Free Flexible Pathogen- and Blood-Repellent Surfaces Using Polysiloxane-Based Hierarchical Structures

“High-touch surfaces are known to be a major route for the spread of pathogens in healthcare and public settings. Antimicrobial coatings have, therefore, garnered significant attention to help mitigate the transmission of infectious diseases via the surface route.”


Bacteria-Fighting RepelWrap Wins 'Create the Future' Design Contest.

“RepelWrap is a kind of plastic film that you can wrap around anything at all. Once applied, the material does just what it says, and repels. RepelWrap repels water, blood, bacteria and pathogens, and potentially the virus that causes COVID-19.”