Who We Are

FendX is a Canada-based nanotechnology company focused on developing products to make people’s lives safer by reducing the spread of pathogens. The Company is developing both film and spray products to protect surfaces from contamination. The lead product under development, REPELWRAP™ film, is a protective surface coating film that, due to its repelling properties, prevents the adhesion of pathogens and reduces their transmission on surfaces prone to contamination. The spray nanotechnology is a bifunctional spray coating being developed to reduce contamination on surfaces by repelling and killing pathogens. The Company is conducting research and development activities using its nanotechnology in collaboration with industry-leading partners, including McMaster University. The Company has an exclusive worldwide license to its technology and IP portfolio from McMaster, which encompass both film and spray coating nanotechnology formulations.

The Company has a growing intellectual property portfolio consisting of licensed nonprovisional national stage patent applications which have been made in Canada, the United States, Europe, China, Hong Kong and Japan, as well as two licensed PCT applications.

Our licensed nanotechnology has been featured in CNN Health, Materials Today, and Engineering.com.

Of more than 500 applicants, the lead researchers of the nanotechnology at McMaster University won the “Create The Future” Design Contest sponsored by Tech Briefs in 2020.

Our Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our Vision

Contribute to controlling the spread of infectious diseases.

Our Mission

To answer today’s demand for innovative and forward-thinking solutions to make people’s lives safer from the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Core Values

Innovation, excellence, collaboration, passion, and making a difference.